Discord role applications

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Discord role applications

Post by Blade_iii on Tue Apr 18, 2017 8:00 pm

-Mastery rank ?
-Time played ?
-Why do you want this role ?
-Why should we pick you for this role ? 
-How active will you be on discord and Warframe ?

This is an quick example of an application done by DimirGuildGate

IGNs: GermanHDR (Main Account, not member of the clan), DimirGuildGate (Secondary Account, clan member).
I would like to be a mentor, because I've been playing the game since very early on and have seen a majority of its development. Due to this, my Main Account is MR22, has 95% of the content in the game unlocked (including every single Warframe in the game except for Excalibur Prime) and I know the ins and outs of the game, including mechanics, builds and lore. The only thing I cannot help anyone with is the Jordas Verdict raid, as I have never completed it on my own. While I may not be active in the voice chat, I'd be active on Discord and in the clan chat where possible. I'm also usually friendly. Wink

These roles that you can currently apply for is Recruiters they recruit people to our community and discord and the other role mentor (only experienced players get this role)

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